Philando Castile

And now Philando Castile. While his girlfriend and 4-year-old daughter were in the car with him. Only weeks after prosecutors declined to file charges against the police who shot Jamar Clark.

My transitions from sadness to fury are becoming much faster. And I’m damned sure I ain’t the only one. I keep thinking of The Gospel Fireballs, a group that used to perform at Pike Place Market, and the song “It’s Gonna Rain,” specifically the lyric, “It won’t be water, but fire next time.” Would any of us be surprised if the water of tears after these all-too-common killings eventually turns into the fire of retribution? When war is declared on a population, nobody should be shocked when that population starts to fight back. And if and when that happens, anyone whose outrage at that is greater than their outrage at this…

White folks in this country once took up arms to fight their oppressors. We celebrated that very uprising just three days ago. And that was about taxes. This is about lives.

I deeply believe in non-violence as a force for positive change. But that’s an easy position to hold for me–my skin allows me to fear little more than a ticket when I see spinning red and blue lights in my rearview mirror.

Philando Castile. Say his name. Philando Castile. Say his name. Philando Castile. Say his name. Say his name. Say his name.