Tell the truth.

Whew. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, between auditions, callbacks, performances, work, kids… life. And I had the beginning of a post here related to a Steve Almond quote. So I’m just gonna do things all bullet pointy.… Read More »Tell the truth.

Murder your darlings.

In the few instances that I’ve been in literary situations (interviews, readings) since getting back into improv again, a question I’ve been asked in each case is, “How does improv impact your writing?” I’m not sure I can answer that… Read More »Murder your darlings.

David James Duncan

I am deeply in love with the writings of one David James Duncan. I found his first novel, “The River Why,” entirely by accident at a Crown Books in Seattle something like fifteen years ago. Not long after reading it,… Read More »David James Duncan

Some Kind of Monster

Last week, I rented a couple of documentaries. One was “Lost in La Mancha,” which was about Terry Gilliam’s disastrous attempt to make a film about Don Quixote. The two surprises in this film for me were that I walked… Read More »Some Kind of Monster