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(Re)Tweets While Drinking Scotch And Reading Submissions

    I can’t speak for every editor, but here are some tweets I made over the course of three nights drinking scotch and reading submissions. Most of these are of the “Do NOT” variety, but a few, at least, are of the “Yes, please” variety.

    Occupy Seattle

    Occupy your space.

      Taking charge from the outset sets an energy that everyone else can feed on. It makes for an environment in which people spend more time playing and less time discussing how to play.

      "The Persistence of Time" by Salvador Dali

      10,000 hours?!

        When I started doing improv again in 2009, I said “yes” to everything: every open play time, any class, any performance (although those didn’t come right away). I continued to say “yes” to every invitation for two years, especially to… Read More »10,000 hours?!

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