Festivals: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Improvised Play Festival (Austin), Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, Stumptown (Portland), Improvaganza (Honolulu), Improlympia (Olympia)

Unexpected Productions: TheatreSports, Four Hearts, Playborhood, Feel the Burn(s), Genre Box, Horror Unexpected, A Shadow in the Doorway, Atomic SciFi, Mouth Wide Shut, Inside Story, Unexpected Vonnegut, House of Ink, The Improvised Man (Ray Bradbury), Improvised Chekhov, Afterlife, Seattle SecretsSkid Road: Ash to Gold, The Black Lodge, Skid Road: Born in Fire, Criminal Improv Unit: Seattle, Loose Cannons, Happy Hour

Interrobang?! Improv: First Date, 3×3, Whiskey Tango Interrobang, By Design, Post-Bang, Visiting Hour, Script Tease, The Interrobang Appointment of Timothy Gager, Fin, Nuke It!, The Experiment, Something Sketchy, Party of Four, ________, A  Bang and a Smoke, Eight, Interrobang Anonymous, multiple open-format shows

Jet City Improv: World’s Fair, The Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan, Quiz Show, Rudolph: The Next Verse

Miscellaneous: The cLosers (Improvised David Mamet), A(nnex)D&D, ComedySportz Seattle, ComedySportz Indianapolis, The Fortune Room, Whattabout, Being Humans, Oedipuss ‘N’ Boots, numerous duos and guest appearances with other troupes


Festivals: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Seattle Fringe Festival

14/48: ACT: The Malware, Flip Flop Flee, Jackals, Trypanophobia, Maggie’s Funeral, The Tree of Time, Have and Have Not, Whirlpool Bath; Leicester, UK: Can I Go In Now?, Last Panda Standing, From Tiny Acorns, Too Young for Love; 12th Ave. Arts: 1948, Southpaw, Untitled, At a Bar on a Tuesday Night, Alarm, A Hard Feeling, Pause Rest Worship, Have and Have Not, The Tree of Time, The Rule of Three, Bottom Drawer; Cafe Nordo: Truth or Consequences; Balagan Theatre: Once Upon a Time in a Litterbox, Precipice; Theatre Off Jackson: Find Her, The Rule of Three

Miscellaneous: Timothy White Eagle and the Violet Triangle: Revival, It’s a Wonderful Life, Jazz Intoxication, Eat Cake, The Twilight Zone: Live!, Inside Harold, Speakeasy, Mystery Café (several shows), Almost Home, Salt of the Earth, Criminals in Love, Bouncers, Joker Antigone, Peacekeeper, Moonchildren, War Cries, In Their Own Words


Too Young for Love, The Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan, The Fortune Room, Timber!, Annie, Musical!, Hello Dolly, Oliver


Artistic Director: Interrobang?! Improv
Director: Script Tease (Unexpected Productions, Jet City Improv), multiple Interrobang?! Improv shows, Skywriting by Word of Mouth
Coach: TRiO, Impulse Improv, North Creek High School Alternative Math Club
Co-Founder: ComedySportz Seattle, Interrobang?! Improv
Playwright: At Last (14/48:UK), Wedding Day (14/48), My Cat From Hell (14/48), Speakeasy (Seattle Fringe Festival), Almost Home (Seattle Fringe Festival with Stephanie Roberts), Skywriting by Word of Mouth (adaptation)
Producer: Script Tease (Theater Schmeater, Unexpected Productions, Annex Theatre, Jet City Improv); Sizwe Banzi Is Dead (League of Fringe Theaters); Bouncers , PeacekeeperBlight (Northwest Passage Theater); multiple Interrobang shows
Board Member: Northwest Passage Theater, League of Fringe Theaters, Seattle Fringe Festival


Northwestern University: B.S., Theater and Performance Studies
Acting: David Downs, Ann Woodworth
Performance Art: Frank Galati, Paul Edwards, Leland Roloff
Improvisation: Dan Patterson, Adina Gillett, Ian Schempp, Stan Wells, Asaf Ronen, Joe Bill
Theatre of the Oppressed: Marc Weinblatt


Accents; Dialects; Stage Combat; Dance: Modern, Jazz, Tap, Break; Guitar; Singing; Juggling; Writing.