Festivals: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Improvised Play Festival (Austin), Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, Stumptown (Portland), Improvaganza (Honolulu), Improlympia (Olympia)

Interrobang?! Improv: First Date, 3×3, Whiskey Tango Interrobang, By Design, Post-Bang, Visiting Hour, Script Tease, The Interrobang Appointment of Timothy Gager, Fin, Nuke It!, The Experiment, Something Sketchy, Party of Four, ________, A  Bang and a Smoke, Eight, Interrobang Anonymous, multiple open-format shows

Jet City Improv: World’s Fair, The Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan, Quiz Show, Rudolph: The Next Verse

Unexpected Productions: House of Ink, The Improvised Man (Ray Bradbury), Improvised Chekhov, Four Hearts, Afterlife, Seattle SecretsSkid Road: Ash to Gold, The Black Lodge, Skid Road: Born in Fire, Criminal Improv Unit: Seattle

Miscellaneous: ComedySportz Seattle, ComedySportz Indianapolis, Oedipuss ‘N’ Boots, The Fortune Room, Whattabout, Being Humans, numerous duos and guest appearances with other troupes


Festivals: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Seattle Fringe Festival

14/48: ACT: Jackals, Trypanophobia, Maggie’s Funeral, The Tree of Time, Have and Have Not, Whirlpool Bath; Leicester, UK: From Tiny Acorns, Too Young for Love; 12th Ave. Arts (Catharsis): 1948, Southpaw, Untitled, At a Bar on a Tuesday Night, Alarm, A Hard Feeling; Cafe Nordo (Thunderdome): Truth or Consequences; 12th Ave. Arts (Mix Tape): Pause Rest Worship, Have and Have Not, The Tree of Time, The Rule of Three, Bottom Drawer; Cornish Playhouse (Old School): Run/Hide/Fight, The Alpha and the Omega; Balagan Theatre (Kamikaze): Once Upon a Time in a Litterbox, Precipice; Theatre Off Jackson (Dudes Weekend): Find Her, The Rule of Three

Miscellaneous: Jazz Intoxication, Eat Cake, The Twilight Zone: Live!, Speakeasy, Mystery Café (several shows), Almost Home, Salt of the Earth, Criminals in Love, Bouncers, Peacekeeper, Moonchildren, War Cries, In Their Own Words


Too Young for Love, Skid Road: Ash to Gold, The Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan, The Fortune Room, Annie


Artistic Director: Interrobang?! Improv
Director: Script Tease (Unexpected Productions, Jet City Improv), multiple Interrobang shows
Coach: TRiO, Impulse Improv
Co-Founder: ComedySportz Seattle
Playwright: Wedding Day (14/48), My Cat From Hell (14/48), Speakeasy (Seattle Fringe Festival), Almost Home (Seattle Fringe Festival with Stephanie Roberts)
Producer: Script Tease (Theater Schmeater, Unexpected Productions, Annex Theatre, Jet City Improv); Sizwe Banzi Is Dead (League of Fringe Theaters), Bouncers , PeacekeeperBlight (Northwest Passage Theater); multiple Interrobang shows
Board Member: Northwest Passage Theater, League of Fringe Theaters, Seattle Fringe Festival


Northwestern University: B.S., Theater and Performance Studies
Acting: David Downs, Ann Woodworth
Performance Art: Frank Galati, Paul Edwards, Leland Roloff
Improvisation: Dan Patterson, Adina Gillett, Ian Schempp, Stan Wells, Asaf Ronen, Joe Bill


Accents; Dialects; Stage Combat; Dance: Modern, Jazz, Tap, Break; Guitar; Singing; Juggling; Writing.