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Yes, and memory loss.

    I spent the bulk of the week sitting with my father. My father who had brain surgery the week before. My father who has dementia. My father who, it quickly became clear, didn’t know who I was.


      …because the characters cared, so did the audiences, sometimes to the point of tears.

      Carry on.

        I remember, in that circle, one vet, whose injuries required that he lay face down on a gurney, stretching his arms up behind him as high as they would go, his hands clasped to friends on either side who lowered their arms enough to keep the chain linked.

        Give credit where it’s due.

          With all the various links in place, we’re all going forward giving proper attribution to NTOW whenever we produce the show. This is how it’s supposed to work.

          Five Do’s

            When a don’t happens, it pulls up the negative internal critic, which tends to hang around for a while. When a do happens, it might pull up a “Woo! Kick ass!” which only makes us want to do more.

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