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Why Flash?

For a while now, SmokeLong Quarterly has been running an excellent series titled, “Why Flash?” If you’re a writer of very short fiction, or are interested in becoming one, the first ... Read More


If I remember correctly,  this was the first piece of fiction I had published in print (other than stuff in my high school’s literary magazine). InkPot was published by Beverly Jackson, and was... Read More

Carry on.

I remember, a lot of years ago (28? 29?) being invited by veteran friends to a cookout at the VA Hospital in Chicago. Mark Vadik went, too, if I remember correctly. Maybe one or two other folks from t... Read More


I should write a post about Zoetrope one of these days, but the publication of this piece is a great example of how valuable a site it is for writers. Zoetrope has private offices in addition to its m... Read More