Why Flash?

For a while now, SmokeLong Quarterly has been running an excellent series titled, “Why Flash?” If you’re a writer of very short fiction, or are interested in becoming one, the first place to start is by reading flash fiction (which you can find in abundance at SLQ, of course). Once you’ve read some flash, perhaps you’d like to get a little nerdier about it. This series has you covered.

In order of publication, here are the entries so far:

  1. It’s a Not Quite Accident by Virgie Townsend
  2. Because of “Karintha” by Tyrese L. Coleman
  3. Just a Flash. Did You See It? by Leesa Cross-Smith
  4. Fox Coats and Dictionaries: A History of My Flash Education by Ursula Villarreal-Moura
  5. Coming Out to Flash Fiction by Santino Prinzi
  6. On Frayed Ends and Open Doors by Joyce Chong
  7. Framing Flash by Georgia Bellas
  8. What is Possible by James Yates
  9. Idea of the Sprawl  by Brian Oliu
  10. The Expansiveness of Compressed Writing by Karen Craigo
  11. It Is Always a Sunday Afternoon in April by Myfanwy Collins
  12. Like Apples and Rollerblades by Christopher Allen
  13. Universe, Multiverse, Miniverse by Tara Campbell
  14. Interested in Everything by Aubrey Hirsch
  15. Fiction That Strikes Like Lightning by Berit Ellingsen
  16. The Flash That Haunts Us by Hillary Leftwich
  17. The Silence and the Flood by Alvin Park
  18. Flash Addiction by Claire Polders
  19. Flash Fiction: A Flash Essay by Rolli
  20. Space Between by Ravi Mangla
  21. On the Mirror and the Echo by Carmen Maria Machado
  22. Flash Fiction for Genre-Benders by Dot Dannenberg
  23. Flash Fiction as Language Art by Anne Weisgerber

Or, if you want to read everything at once (or bookmark the page for future entries not yet captured here), you can find them all at http://www.smokelong.com/category/features/news/why-flash-fiction-series/.