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    Dig, dig, dig. That’s what I do. Dig the body as hard and as fast as I can, until it falls.


      Henry and I had met at the hospital. He’d been forty years my senior, but we’d been in for precisely the same reason: kidney stones.

      Give credit where it’s due.

        With all the various links in place, we’re all going forward giving proper attribution to NTOW whenever we produce the show. This is how it’s supposed to work.

        Smoked Secretly

          Jerry smoked secretly. The habit had formed some thirty years before in humid jungles, and he’d never kicked the craving nor the need to hide it.

          Honoring the writers plagiarized

            These are the works Cator directly stole. But these are all terrific writers, and I’d strongly encourage a google for more of their work.

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